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This is my technical portfolio, a quick showcase of everything that I'm up to, from tech to volunteering.

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After developing the section's website and reviving the digital assets that we can use for the benefit of our Erasmus students, I felt like more work can be done.

In May, I was re-elected for the position of Web Project Administrator of ESN UniBucharest - I plan to keep up the good work, but also train other volunteers to do what I've been doing the past mandate.

The Erasmus Student Network has been giving me so many wonderful occasions, such as training events, international meetings, and not only. Therefore, I feel like there's still so much more for me to give back. Together with my team, we'll bring ESN UniBucharest to new heights!


At UBtalks 2024, I presented one of the projects dearest to my heart, the Step Up! platform. Not only was the contest for me an opportunity to learn more about my competitors' and colleagues' amazing projects, but also to get to know them and to create meaningful connections.

More about my favourite projects from the event, but also about the project I talked about can be read in this article, on my blog.


An amazing project from HOSPICE - Casa Speranței, Hope On Wheels motivated byciclists from all around Romania to get on the bike in the weekend of 18-19 may and help with donations towards the building of the Hospital of Hope.

Every kilometer biked during the contest, which was measured using Strava in my case, transformed into 1 euro donated for the cause by the activities' partners. Promoting a healthy life, and doing good - isn't that amazing?


The Erasmus Generation Meeting gathers students and members of ESN of over 70 nationalities. The third edition took place in Seville and hosted over 1500 participants.Part of the Romanian Delegation, I was one of 30 Romanians to participate in this event, thanks to my involvement in ESN Romania.

During the event, which took place between the 4th and the 7th of April 2024, we participated in sessions with representatives of the European Union, and learned about green mobility, digitalisation of the Erasmus process, but also about soft skills such as conflict management and advocacy.

More on EGM can be read here


I had the honor of being part of the Chairing Team of the 2024 Spring National Assembly of the Erasmus Student Network Romania. The event gathered over 100 participants from the 14 sections of ESN Romania to take part in plenary sessions, view candidacies and take part in votings in the elective National Assembly of ESN Romania.

As Technical Chair, my responsibilities included ensuring smooth presentations for the entire duration of the event, but also a smooth live-stream for the duration of the event, for not only allowing the viewers from back home to be able to actively participate in decision-making in their sections, but also to keep a proper archive of the event.

I did this by setting up a connection between two computers, so that one would be the presentation computer, and one would be the streaming computer. In this way, I could solve any problems that arised with the stream and solve rapid tasks without interrupting the ongoing presentations.

With my team, and the help of ESN Romania's national team and the events' Organizing Comittee, I believe that we have managed to make NA Alba-Iulia a greatly successful event.


Step Up! is a mobile game that I developed as the Final Project for a Software Engineering course at Instituto Superior Miguel Torga.

The game aims to motivate its players to go out and be active, by offering them rewards from taking real-life steps.

It uses the phone's accelerometer to determine when a step is taken.

To use the app, it must be downloaded from the browser on the phone (by tapping the 3-dots button and then Install App)

A detailed report of the application and its development can be downloaded here: PDF Report


Since May 2023, I have been working on developing administrator tools for Office Direct, an office supplies e-commerce website based in Romania, one of the biggest in its field.

I work with PHP, Javascript and tools such as Twillio to develop new functionality for the website.

My most recent contributions to the website include the creation of a Call Center, deployment of several cron tools that periodically verify the functionality of different aspects on the site, but also tools for the clients of the website, to improve their experience, such as product recommendation modules, or smart search bars.

OfficeDirect (in Romanian)


As a volunteer for Cartea Daliei, a Romanian NGO commited to providing free technical education to children, I collaborated as a tutor, teaching children Python programming, using libraries such as PIL, Turtle and NumPy.

My volunteering stage lasted for 4 months, from April to July, and consisted of weekly online calls with 6 children, for which I explained the lessons created by the NGO, provided practical work assignments and created tests in Kahoot!


In August 2020, I became a member of the technical team at GTABase. There, I build articles manually or generate them using Python. Since my joining as a member, I've helped build the databases regarding GTA IV, the 3D GTA trilogy and also develop the GTA V database on the website.


As a member of the Creative Motion team, I was part of the developers that built the Rentlog application. I worked on the front-end development of the application, using react.js typescript as my framework of choice. I implemented the database connection aspects of the website, such as sending and retrieving data to and from the server.


Presentation website built for my father's company, S.C. IngroConsult S.R.L. Built using HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap and PHP, this was my first true web project, and the first presentation website I've built.


I am currently in the position of Web Project Administrator for the 2023-2024 mandate in the Unibucharest Erasmus Student Network section.

As Web Project Administrator, I take care of the UniBucharest website, making sure that articles are posted whenever the Communication team requires it, but also that maintenance is done every once in a while and that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

ESN means a lot to me especially now that I'm away in an Erasmus exchange (as of October 2023). I can't wait to be back home to take part in the events organized together with them and with the ESN Romania national team.


The PartyQ app allows users to queue up videos and songs using the YouTube API from their phone. All these songs are played in order on a main "host" computer or phone. This was my first "big" project regarding web development, and I had built it during 12th grade, after a discussion with a friend about how parties with smaller groups could be improved. The website uses no frameworks at all, being built only with ajax calls using the jQuery library. Click the image to check it out.


This website was built when I finished 12th grade. I wanted to have a presentation website where I could post all of my personal projects and show off my web skills. Now, It's considered legacy as I have built the new website that you're navigating right now!


During the 2021-2022 high school year, I created the student council website for my high school's student council. I used the Joomla! Content Management System to build it, using knowledge I had gained from work on GTABase.


This web application was built as a tool to assist me in building technical articles from bulk data, which is usually gathered and manipulated in .csv files. Using the app, one can write an html template and fill it in with data from a .csv sheet. Might be updated in the future to feature conditionals and such, but it is not needed for now.


I was invited to speak at the launch of Călărași Education, a platform that uses the ChatGPT API to generate documents on different topics.

It was the first case of me being invited as a speaker at an event of this kind, and I was happy to talk about the way AI is present in our everyday life and how it can help us develop.

I'm very interested in the Artificial Intelligence field and I am extremely excited not only to see it grow in the future, but also to take part in its growth.

You may also see my speech (in Romanian), together with my friend Filip Ioniță, in this video posted on Facebook



Enlighten Expo was a project dedicated to delivering quality information to high school students in Bucharest. Consisting of multiple "workshops" on different topics, I was invited by the members of Interact Levant Coșbuc to talk about the reality of student life at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Very thankful to be able to help out my Rotarian colleagues and very happy to take part in such a nice event!


In Romania, on children's day, the Rotaract Clubs organize the so-called "Duck Race". Thousands of rubber ducks that have been adopted by participants race on a river. The fastest three rubber ducks win great prizes for their adoptive parents. All of the money gathered by the event in Bucharest was donated towards buying hearing aids for deaf children. In 2023, I helped organize the event in Bucharest together with members of different Rotaract Clubs, such as Triumph and Excelsior. The other towns in which the event took place were Iasi, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara.


The "Psychology of Drug Consumption" conference was a follow-up of the "People for People" conference. This time, it was held in Bucharest and organized in partnership with Rotaract Levant, the volunteering club that I am part of since October 2022.


Together with the Rotaract Excelsior club in Bucharest, we participated in gathering donations in ecchange for "Cups of Happiness" in the Bucharest Drumul Taberei Winter Festival. The donations gathered were sent to an organization whose primary focus is building and restoring schools in the rural areas of Romania.


Together with members from various Interact, Rotaract and Rotary clubs in Bucharest, we participated in an afforestation event in Vânătorii Mici, where we helped plant a lot of trees. This was one of my first events together with the Rotaract Levant club, of which I am part of.


During my time in Interact, I co-coordonated projects such as this one. Splash 2.0 represents the revival of a fun project for teenagers in the municipal forest of my hometown. Several teams competed in a few contests regarding water balloons.


In may 2022, I helped organize InterBeats - a charity concert organized by Interact Bistrita-Nosa in my hometown. The event was a great success and the money gathered from it was donated towards charity.


During my time as a volunteer at Interact Bistrița-Nosa, I coordinated two projects created by our club. "People for People" was my idea and it implied a conference on drugs, on their effect and on the ways we can help the people close to us that are affected by addiction. It was a success, and I'm happy that me and my team made it happen.


I have just returned from an Erasmus+ student exchange, where I studied Software Engineering at Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in Coimbra, Portugal. This exchange lasted until the end of January, when I returned to my home country, where I'm enrolled as a permanent student. The University of Bucharest offers a Computers and Information Technology specialization, where I'm currently enrolled as a second year student. My academic foundation was laid at the Liviu Rebreanu National College in Bistrița-Năsăud, Romania, where I graduated from a demanding mathematics-computer science program in 2022.

Level Institution Location Program Year
University University of Bucharest Bucharest, Romania Computers and Information Technology 2022 - 2026 (Current)
University Instituto Superior Miguel Torga Coimbra, Portugal Software Engineering 2023-2024
High School National College Liviu Rebreanu Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania Mathematics-Computer Science 2018 - 2022
  • University: Computers and Information Technology at University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania | 2022 - 2026 (Current)
  • University: Software Engineering at Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, Coimbra, Portugal | 2023 - 2024
  • High School: Mathematics-Computer Science at National College Liviu Rebreanu, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania | 2018 - 2022

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