Takacs Robert

Erasmus Q&A

When you chose your faculty and the courses, how did you know what to choose in order to be eligible for equivalence?

Când ți-ai ales facultatea și te-ai uitat la materii, cum ai știut ce materii să alegi pentru a fi eligibil pentru echivalare?

The requirement that I was imposed was to achieve at least 30 ECTS credits, while making sure that the courses I took were in my domain of study. I was not required to take identical courses, as this would not even have been possible. The Univerisities' websites show their list of courses for the two semesters, and their respective value in credits, so that you can choose 5-6 courses in order to be eligible for equivalence.

In what language are the exams taken and the courses taught?

În ce limbă se susțin examenele în străinatate, și în cel limbă se predau cursurile?

Theoretically, the exams for Erasmus students should always be in English. I have had one single situation in which the exam paper was written in Portuguese, but the professor offered to translate every question that I did not understand and allowed me to write in English.
The courses, as well, should be offered in English, but I have had some situations in which classmates did not know English, so the professor taught in Portuguese and then offered short explanations to me in English. In this case, I decided to study from the provided documents instead of listening to the courses.

How much did you pay for accomodation and were you provided it by the University?

Care au fost costurile pentru cazare? Ai primit cazare de la Universitate?

In my situation, I did not receive accomodation from the University. Instead, the Erasmus Student Network section of Coimbra, the town I studied in, helped me out before leaving for Portugal with a list of common accomodation places used by international students. Therefore, I found a student residence where I lived in a private room with a private toilet, with a big common kitchen, for just under 300 Euro a month. The grant that you receive for studies in high-end countries is 600 Euros a month.

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